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Kimberly Bearden spent much of her life battling relentlessly dry skin before she finally stumbled upon a body cream that could soothe her rare skin disorder.

It wasn't one of the many prescribed by dermatologists or doctors, or even those expensive bottles found in drug stores.

The cream was one she made herself at the age of 21 while she was playing around with different ingredients.

by Kristy McClain

What began as a home remedy more than 30 years ago is now used to treat patients with all types of skin disorders. Kimberly Bearden, founder and presi­dent of RegenaSkin™, never guessed she would be marketing her skin cream to people who suffer from cancer, dia­betes, eczema and aging skin. Today, the Fort Collins, Colo. resident has helped people with these disorders and many others combat severely-dry skin.