From a customer with rosacea

"I was diagnosed with rosacea about seven years ago.  I have been using a topical prescription medication on my face twice a day for my rosacea.  One of the side effects of this prescription is that it dries out your skin.  RegenaSkin cream has been a lifesaver to me because it alleviates the dryness.  After I use my topical prescription, I then apply RegenaSkin cream as my moisturizer.  I’ve been using RegenaSkin cream for the past seven months and my skin feels more emollient and softer.  As each day goes by, I have noticed a definite improvement in the appearance of my skin.  Your product not only soothes and moisturizes but heals as well.

In addition to using RegenaSkin cream for my face, I’ve used it for a severe dry patch on the side of my ankle.  Dermatologists had given me topical steroid prescriptions but it just thinned out the skin and the area became inflamed and painful.  By using your cream every morning and night, it has alleviated the dryness and the pain has subsided significantly.  Thank you very much for helping me with my condition.  My skin feels and looks so much better.

My deepest gratitude to you for your commitment to research and for providing such a superior product.  Thanks for creating a product that really does make a difference!"

-Renee P.
(Verona, New Jersey)

From a customer with diabetes and psoriasis

"First and foremost, let me thank you for developing this wonderful cream, RegenaSkin. Hopefully you will continue to market this product for a long time to come.

About 1999, I started developing severe cracked skin on the soles of my feet. It started on my heals and then progressed to the soles of my feet. About a year after I developed cracked skin on my hands, which eventually started bleeding. It affected mostly my fingertips, but then the sides of my finger joints became affected progressing slowly towards the inside of my hands. By the end of 2000 I had trouble walking and couldn't sign checks at work, finally using a signature stamp to make life easier. Doctors only shook their heads prescribing cream after cream. The creams were abrasive and really hurt. I went to a podiatrist who tried sanding the scale and I could barely walk for a week. Meanwhile, the cracks were only getting deeper.

At the end of 2000, I was diagnosed as a diabetic. Most days I walked around barefoot, because it relieved some of the pain in my feet. Also barefoot I could walk on the tip of my toes or on the side of my foot, whatever was necessary. At this time, I was also diagnosed with psoriasis. I tried all the creams; sprays, everything that was prescribed or I bought myself. I soaked my feet in Epson salts, tea, ect., which made things even worse since it dries out the skin even more. I couldn't wear most of my shoes, instead I bought knee high nylons and wore them once and threw them away (since taking the hose off tore them to shreds).

I finally read an article about Kimberly and her cream in The Coloradoan in September of 2003. I promptly misplaced the article but found it again at the end of November last year among my paperwork on my desk. I figured I had nothing to lose, except adding another cream to all the others I had tried. It was only a couple of weeks after I started using the cream that I began to see a difference. The cracks, which were constantly bleeding, were actually slowly healing and my hands were almost back to normal. I also noticed the heavy scale on my feet receding.

My doctor had mentioned to me that I could actually lose my feet and she had not even seen them at their worst. As I said, I could not bathe my feet and walking was sheer torture. The dermatologist was horrified and said the only way to possibly get rid of this was to administer painful shots. With no guarantee the shots would work. She said, sooner or later I would get a major infection in one of the cracks in my feet.

You would not recognize my feet now. They have no cracks and most of the hard scale is gone. I can actually wear nylons and not rip them. In the beginning, I definitely had to use the cream 3 and 4 times a day. On my hands more often, every time I washed them or did dishes, ect. Even while doing dishes in gloves, because the hands still sweat. I now use RegenaSkin cream twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed. I guess the underlying disease is still there, but the cream keeps my skin in good condition.

The nice thing about RegenaSkin is that a little goes a long way. It is greasy when applied, but will sink into the skin and disappear. When I massage it into my skin, it is very soothing. I don't know what it contains; all I know is that it works for me.

I will send a letter to the Psoriasis Foundation of which I am a member. Maybe it will help someone else as it did me. I certainly hope so. Thank you again, Kimberly."

-Inge Diodati
(Fort Collins, CO)

From a customer with ichthyosis vulgaris

"I have ichthyosis vulgaris. I have tried many products over the years to help with the buildup of scaly skin on my legs. About a year ago I began using RegenaSkin. After two months there was a dramatic reduction in the scaly skin on my legs. There is also much improved hydration and overall skin appearance. RegenaSkin is quickly absorbed, not greasy or sticky like some products I have tried. I use it on my legs 2 - 3 times a day and on my entire body after a shower. I am thrilled to be able to use just one product and have such great results. And, it is very reasonably priced. Thank you, Kim."

- R.B.
(High Point, NC.)

From a customer with diabetes

"I am a T-12 paraplegic since 1981 and a diabetic since 1994. Pressure sores on my bottom and sores on my feet are something I endure every couple of years or so. My skin gets very scaly on my feet and around the sores that develop. My doctors have always suggested I buy the most expensive skin cream, which I have but have not seen any more success than with the least expensive creams.

I recently had several sores develop on my right foot and after reading about RegenaSkin in the local paper I decided it was worth a try. My scaly and dry skin on my leg and foot was completely gone within two to three weeks (that was with only one application a day). Since my sores have healed the skin around them and the skin that healed over them is in better shape and has stayed in the best shape since 1981 before I had my accident. Every time the Doctor looks at my foot he comments on how quickly and nicely it has healed.

I would recommend RegenaSkin to anyone with skin problems. I believe you will be extremely happy with the results."

- J. Kelly
(Fort Collins, CO.)

From a customer with an unhealed, 5 year-old incision

"I broke my ankle on Memorial Day of 1998 and had to have an open reduction surgery. There was an incision on both sides along with 10 screws and a plate on the outer side. I was moved from a soft cast to a hard cast in one week. However, the stitches were left in until the cast was removed after 8 weeks. My doctor was shocked that they were still in and was not happy. For the first four months, while there was still swelling, all appeared to be OK. When the swelling went down, the screw heads began poking thru my skin on the outer side. I had another surgery six months later so that the screws and plate could be removed. The bone had healed well, but I had two new incisions over the old ones. The one on the inside healed well. The outside one healed slowly and the orthopedist said it was because I had thin skin over my bone. I was left with itchy, dry skin and when I scratched hard, which seemed necessary, little bloody spots would appear right along either side of the incision (like where the stitches went into the skin). I asked our family doctor about it and he prescribed Cortisone 20%, after using other cortisone preparations, A & D cream, triple antibiotic cream, and Watkins balm. I asked the dermatologist and he prescribed Triamincinolone. I alternated each of these, with the same miserable results. Then the problem became cyclical, maybe clear for a week or two and then start up again. With RegenaSkin, I have not had an incident of severe itching, and the skin looks and feels much more clear and normal. I am happy to say that I believe your cream is just what I needed to get relief for my five-year-old ankle incision. Thank you for introducing me to your product and also thank you for checking to see how I was."

- B. Hill
(Fort Wayne, IN.)

From a customer with radiation burns

"I was given a jar of RegenaSkin cream by another cancer patient in July of 2003 for the radiation burn on the right side of my neck. I started using the cream three to four times daily to help moisturize the affected burned skin (to prevent the skin from drying out). The burned area was very raw and after just three weeks of using the cream, the area is now completely healed. I continue to use the RegenaSkin cream as a total body skin moisturizer."

- B.B.
(Fort Wayne, IN.)

From a customer with cancer

"I have kidney cancer that has moved into my lungs.  I have been receiving treatment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for more than three years.  Recently, my medication was changed, and the new chemotherapy medication caused the precancerous patches on my forearms (from too much sun exposure years back) to blossom into lesions - an angry red rash.

RegenaSkin did a great job in healing this rash; it worked so well that my Dallas oncologist remarked that he could not believe it  -  he had never seen a rash that severe heal so quickly.  I continue to use RegenaSkin regularly to help the dryness cancer treatment causes. "

- Gene Mundy
(Dallas, TX.)

From a customer with eczema

"I have had severe eczema since I was two years old (by severe I mean open sores on every inch of my body).  I was miserable.  I couldn't sleep at night because I itched constantly.  After a night with no sleep, I would go to school and be unable to concentrate because of the pain, itching and struggling to stay awake.

Then Kim introduced me to the cream she had been using for her skin condition for years (I never even knew she had a skin problem!).  The moment I tried it, it actually soothed my skin.  I felt better!  The RegenaSkin cream slowly began to heal and rebuild my skin!  I felt even better because it wasn't like the hard creams and steroids that I had always used (those helped heal, but my condition always bounced right back after!).  I am so relieved that I found a cream that works.  Thanks Kim!"

-Kelly Eckart
(Fort Collins, CO.)

From a customer with skin cancer

"I have recently had a skin graft on my forehead that left a purple unsightly looking place. After using RegenaSkin for three weeks the difference in my forehead skin is amazing! It is soft and the natural color of my skin is beginning to come back. My wife noticed the difference immediately and has been using RegenaSkin daily for moisture on her face and body.

This has been a miracle for me. Thanks RegenaSkin!"

- Cyril Heselton
(Richardson, TX.)

From a recovering breast cancer patient

"In December of 2001, after a diagnosis of breast cancer, it was necessary to have a left breast mastectomy.  After the surgery, I experienced extreme discomfort in the area around the incision (the skin felt similar to elephant skin).  The skin was not only itchy, dry and rough, but was very sensitive to the touch.  It was so sensitive to movement and touch that even lightweight clothing was uncomfortable to wear for any length of time.  I attempted to soothe the area with various lotions, oils and other creams with no success.  In July of 2002, which was six months post-surgery, I was introduced to RegenaSkin cream.  I was elated to discover that I found immediate relief after just the first few applications of the cream.  I could not believe that this product could make such a difference in such a short time.  It truly seemed too good to be true!  The area around the incision had been so unbearably uncomfortable prior to using the RegenaSkin cream.  There was now hope that I could get some relief from the discomfort and begin making progress with "overall healing".  The relief from the skin discomfort also meant that there was progress in other areas such as improvement in quality of sleep and improvement in physical therapy sessions with range of motion exercises.  More importantly, I experienced an overall feeling of wellness with the relief from the discomfort around the mastectomy incision.  With such success using the RegenaSkin cream around the incision area, which had completely healed, I decided to begin using the cream on my entire body.  I have again been delighted to discover that the beneficial effects are PHENOMENAL!  I continue to use RegenaSkin cream after showering/bathing on a daily basis.  I am very grateful to have found a cream that is easy to use with such amazing results.  During the cold winter months, the hands and feet are areas in particular which benefit tremendously from the use of the cream.  I especially appreciate the fact that RegenaSkin is unscented which is helpful for those of us who have allergies to fragrances often found in other creams.  For me, this cream has worked wonders in my overall healing process.  Thank you Kimberly for making RegenaSkin cream available to all of us who need a beneficial cream to aid in the healing of our many challenging skin conditions.  We appreciate RegenaSkin cream!"

- R. W.
(Fort Wayne, IN)

From a customer with eczema

"I am 42 years old and have battled eczema for as long as I can remember. For some time my primary weapons were topical steroids supported with a huge variety of over-the-counter products; from coal tars to colloidal oatmeal and everything in-between.
I developed an eczema related condition around the margins of my eyelids. Through the course of treatment it was determined that the ophthalmic and topical steroids were creating a secondary glaucoma and I had to give up the use of steroids.
My skin remained in poor condition until non-steroidal topicals such as Protopic came along. These helped keep my skin in check but I had yet to find an effective, non-irritating support product until I read about RegenaSkin.
RegenaSkin is like no other maintenance product. It is soothing, absorbs quickly and completely, and it works! I now use less Protopic and my skin is much healthier overall!"

-Dave Rorabeck
(Fort Collins, CO)

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