Radiation/Chemotherapy Skin Reactions

Most treatments for cancer have some type of side effect. Fortunately, most of them can be lessened, or at least tolerated, with the right approach.

For chemotherapy patients, using treatments such as XELODA (capecitabine), hand – foot syndrome (Palmar – Plantar Erythrodysesthesia) may be a side effect. Hand- foot syndrome is characterized by a tingling or burning, redness, flaking, bothersome swelling, small blisters or small sores on the palms of the hands or soles of the feet.  Our customers, who have used RegenaSkin™ cream regularly, have found success in managing these painful skin reactions. RegenaSkin™ is an easily applied, fragrance – free cream that does an unbelievable job of keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.

The most annoying and uncomfortable side effect of radiation therapy involves the skin of the area being treated. In many ways your skin reaction will be similar to sunburn, with a mild to moderate pink color, or redness, and with itching, burning, soreness and possible peeling.  As with a sunburn, the skin may also become dry, sore and more sensitive to the touch.  Irritation may increase. The skin can start to peel in a dry way, like old sunburn, or in a wet way, like a blister. One of the causes for all the skin dryness is that the sebaceous glands that lubricate the skin may be less active after treatment. Keeping the skin well hydrated with RegenaSkin™ cream promotes healing and can reduce the potential for trauma caused by radiation treatments.

Whether you are receiving chemotherapy treatments or radiation treatments (or both!), skin problems need to be treated early to prevent infection and to decrease discomfort. The goals of your treatment are to increase longevity of life and ensure the best possible quality of life, don’t let skin problems interfere with that important mission! 

What People Are Saying

"RegenaSkin™ cream was introduced to me by one of our patients. We have found it to be an excellent cream for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Some of the most current chemotherapies can result in plantar and palmar erythema in which the hands and feet become red, tender and cracked. Several of our patients with breast cancer and colon cancer have experienced relief from RegenaSkin™ cream regularly applied to both hands and feet. Because of the good results I have seen from RegenaSkin™ cream in this patient population, I routinely inform my patients of this great product and I have only received positive reports from my patients who have used it."

Rhonda K. Waldrop

"I have kidney cancer that has moved into my lungs. I have been receiving treatment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for more than three years. Recently, my medication was changed, and the new chemotherapy medication caused the precancerous patches on my forearms (from too much sun exposure years back) to blossom into lesions - an angry red rash.RegenaSkin™ did a great job in healing this rash; it worked so well that my Dallas oncologist remarked that he could not believe it - he had never seen a rash that severe heal so quickly. I continue to use RegenaSkin™ regularly to help the dryness cancer treatment causes.

Gene Mundy
(Dallas, TX)

"I have recently had a skin graft on my forehead that left a purple unsightly looking place. After using RegenaSkin™ for three weeks the difference in my forehead skin is amazing! It is soft and the natural color of my skin is beginning to come back. My wife noticed the difference immediately and has been using RegenaSkin™ daily for moisture on her face and body.This has been a miracle for me. Thanks RegenaSkin™!"

Cyril Heselton
(Richardson, TX)

"I was given a jar of RegenaSkin™ cream by another cancer patient in July of 2003 for the radiation burn on the right side of my neck. I started using the cream three to four times daily to help moisturize the affected burned skin (to prevent the skin from drying out). The burned area was very raw and after just three weeks of using the cream, the area is now completely healed. I continue to use the RegenaSkin™ cream as a total body skin moisturizer."

(Fort Wayne, IN)

“In December of 2001, after a diagnosis of breast cancer, it was necessary to have a left breast mastectomy.  After the surgery, I experienced extreme discomfort in the area around the incision (the skin felt similar to elephant skin).  The skin was not only itchy, dry and rough, but was very sensitive to the touch.  It was so sensitive to movement and touch that even lightweight clothing was uncomfortable to wear for any length of time.  I attempted to soothe the area with various lotions, oils and other creams with no success.

In July of 2002, which was six months post-surgery, I was introduced to RegenaSkin cream. I was elated to discover that I found immediate relief after just the first few applications of the cream.  I could not believe that this product could make such a difference in such a short time.  It truly seemed too good to be true! The area around the incision had been so unbearably uncomfortable prior to using the RegenaSkin cream. There was now hope that I could get some relief from the discomfort and begin making progress with “overall healing”.

The relief from the skin discomfort also meant that there was progress in other areas such as improvement in quality of sleep and improvement in physical therapy sessions with range of motion exercises. More importantly, I experienced an overall feeling of wellness with the relief from the discomfort around the mastectomy incision. With such success using the RegenaSkin cream around the incision area, which had completely healed, I decided to begin using the cream on my entire body.

I have again been delighted to discover that the beneficial effects are PHENOMENAL!  I continue to use RegenaSkin cream after showering/bathing on a daily basis. I am very grateful to have found a cream that is easy to use with such amazing results.  During the cold winter months, the hands and feet are areas in particular which benefit tremendously from the use of the cream.  I especially appreciate the fact that RegenaSkin is unscented which is helpful for those of us who have allergies to fragrances often found in other creams.  For me, this cream has worked wonders in my overall healing process.  Thank you Kimberly for making RegenaSkin cream available to all of us who need a beneficial cream to aid in the healing of our many challenging skin conditions.  We appreciate RegenaSkin cream!”

- R. W.
(Fort Wayne, IN)

Love your cream! This is the 1st winter that my hands didn’t crack and bleed. Your cream is wonderful! I was not able to use the thick, waxy creams that the radiation doctors suggested, but I was thrilled with the results from RegenaSkin.

I’m in round two of chemo and it makes my skin so dry that my face cracks open when I eat. Thank you for making a cream to relieve this dryness.

Thank you Kim. Your cream is the only thing that keeps me from itching like crazy because of my new cancer medication."

I have a spot on my neck that is giving me problems. I had radiation treatments on this spot years ago, a tracheotomy and just recently surgery. I keep trying different products and finally found success with RegenaSkin. Thank you.

My wife has breast cancer, she got an infection in her blood and we almost lost her this weekend. Just wanted you to know that your cream sits next to her hospital bed and is one of the few things that bring her comfort.

The cream has cleared up my Tarceva skin! Yeah!

“I heard about RegenaSkin from a friend at Gilda’s Club. I have lung cancer and have been through radiation, chemotherapy, chemo again, surgery and now I am on Iressa. The Iressa has really done a number on my skin. During chemo I was hydrated before and after each treatment. Iressa is a pill taken daily. I have tried many creams and lotions to no avail. My friend at Gilda’s is also on Iressa and gave me one of your cards and recommended RegenaSkin. I look forward to receiving and using the product.

I have had diabetes for over 30 years and also had thyroid cancer. I have extremely dry skin areas on my fingers which can split to very sore cuts. It was to the point of being unbearable. I work as a ski patroller in the winter. It was so bad I was having a hard time performing my duties. I came across your website on a search. I was desperate to try anything. The results of RegenaSkin have been stellar.

I have extremely dry skin from past radiation treatments and the current medication that I am on, Iressa (which is for recurrent lung cancer). My dermatologist gave me your card to try your cream. It has helped me tremendously with the side effects of Iressa.

I have had a rash on my legs and my face that have cleared up by using RegenaSkin. I am a Registered Nurse and bought the other jar for a friend going through cancer treatments. She really liked it as well and has shared it with many friends. Keep up the good work.

The cream was purchased for my Mother, who is in her 4th series of chemo for ovarian cancer. We are pretty encouraged. This last chemo is Doxil. It has a side effect of blistering and loss of skin on the palm of the hands and bottom of the feet. She has to keep her hands out of hot water and also keep from wearing tight clothing. The cream has helped her hands a great deal and improved her cuticles and nails. I have used it on my hands as well and see improvement in my nails and cuticles. Well done!

The cream arrived Saturday and in three days it has already made a difference with my husband’s feet! They were peeling badly from the effects of Zeloda; this is helping!

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