Medications That May Aggrevate Dry Skin

Every medication has the potential of causing side effects.  Certain medications can cause skin to be so dry that common moisturizers, which simply retain existing moisture, will not be sufficient.  To restore your skin to good health, you must actively replenish the moisture to the deepest layers.  RegenaSkin™ cream can help to renew the moisture that you have lost due to medications.  This easily absorbed, fragrance – free cream can help your skin to stay healthy, while allowing your medication to do the job that it was intended for.

What People Are Saying

“I was diagnosed with rosacea about seven years ago.  I have been using a topical prescription medication on my face twice a day for my rosacea.  One of the side effects of this prescription is that it dries out your skin.  RegenaSkin cream has been a lifesaver to me because it alleviates the dryness.  After I use my topical prescription, I then apply RegenaSkin cream as my moisturizer.  I’ve been using RegenaSkin cream for the past seven months and my skin feels more emollient and softer.  As each day goes by, I have noticed a definite improvement in the appearance of my skin.  Your product not only soothes and moisturizes but heals as well.

In addition to using RegenaSkin cream for my face, I’ve used it for a severe dry patch on the side of my ankle.  Dermatologists had given me topical steroid prescriptions but it just thinned out the skin and the area became inflamed and painful.  By using your cream every morning and night, it has alleviated the dryness and the pain has subsided significantly.  Thank you very much for helping me with my condition.  My skin feels and looks so much better.

My deepest gratitude to you for your commitment to research and for providing such a superior product.  Thanks for creating a product that really does make a difference!”

-Renee P.
(Verona, New Jersey)

"I have kidney cancer that has moved into my lungs. I have been receiving treatment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for more than three years. Recently, my medication was changed, and the new chemotherapy medication caused the precancerous patches on my forearms (from too much sun exposure years back) to blossom into lesions - an angry red rash.RegenaSkin did a great job in healing this rash; it worked so well that my Dallas oncologist remarked that he could not believe it - he had never seen a rash that severe heal so quickly. I continue to use RegenaSkin regularly to help the dryness cancer treatment causes. "

Gene Mundy
(Dallas, TX)

“I have to tell you how simply thrilled I’ve been with your product and I want to order again.  I have been on Prednisone for 9 years, because my body started rejecting my liver. The Prednisone has thinned my skin as well as made it brittle.  This is the first winter in 20 years that I haven’t had those annoying; hurt like the devil split fingers.  I use you product faithfully, the benefits are numerous and I thank you.”

“I heard about RegenaSkin from a friend at Gilda’s Club.  I have lung cancer and have been through radiation, chemotherapy, chemo again, surgery and now I am on Iressa.  The Iressa has really done a number on my skin.  During chemo I was hydrated before and after each treatment.  Iressa is a pill taken daily.  I have tried many creams and lotions to no avail.  My friend at Gilda’s is also on Iressa and gave me one of your cards and recommended RegenaSkin.  I look forward to receiving and using the product.”

“The cream has cleared up my Tarceva skin!  Yeah!”

“I have extremely dry skin from past radiation treatments and the current medication that I am on, Iressa (which is for recurrent lung cancer).  My dermatologist gave me your card to try your cream.  It has helped me tremendously with the side effects of Iressa.”

“The cream was purchased for my Mother, who is in her 4th series of chemo for ovarian cancer.  We are pretty encouraged.  This last chemo is Doxil.  It has a side effect of blistering and loss of skin on the palm of the hands and bottom of the feet.  She has to keep her hands out of hot water and also keep from wearing tight clothing.  The cream has helped her hands a great deal and improved her cuticles and nails.  I have used it on my hands as well and see improvement in my nails and cuticles.  Well done!”

“The cream arrived Saturday and in three days it has already made a difference with my husband’s feet!  They were peeling badly from the effects of Zeloda; this is helping!”“Thank you Kim.  Your cream is the only thing that keeps me from itching like crazy because of my new cancer medication.”