Exposure to Elements

Frequent Exposure to Outdoor Elements Xerosis (the medical name for dry, scaly, flaking skin from the Greek xer for “dry” and osis for “condition”) occurs when the natural moisture evaporates or is otherwise removed from the top layer of skin.  The most common cause of xerosis is the lack of humidity in the air with the colder weather.  To protect itself, your body produces oil to coat your skin’s surface and trap moisture.  Unfortunately, the body’s efforts are often not enough.  Certain areas of your skin, such as the back, are particularly vulnerable because they contain less active oil – producing glands.

Skin relies on the moisture present in the air to remain hydrated; simply drinking water does not provide moisture to the skin.  Since the loss of water is what makes skin dry, moisturizing regularly will alleviate this condition.  Creams provide a better barrier than lotions do because they are thicker and contain more oils.  RegenaSkin™ cream was formulated to mimic your skin’s natural oils.  Applying this gentle cream will help to heal problem skin, and it can then protect your skin from the severe dryness caused by the cold, wind and sun.

What People Are Saying

"RegenaSkin is a easy product to endorse. I have used it in the wound care clinic for the past 6 years with excellent results. It is non-prescription, affordable, and non-allergenic. It works well to restore denuded or damaged skin. It is also a good skin protectant. I use it myself almost daily and it's the first product I reach for after skiing or rafting excursions. Lastly, Kimberly has a wonderful customer service record.

Joyce C. Honea,

 “I have severe dry skin from being a truck driver. My doctor gave me some product that burned under the gloves, but didn’t work too well. My hands have completely healed since using RegenaSkin.

Love your cream! This is the 1st winter that my hands didn’t crack and bleed. Your cream is wonderful! I was not able to use the thick, waxy creams that the radiation doctors suggested, but I was thrilled with the results from RegenaSkin.

Yes, your cream is very successful. During the summer months it is not needed as much, but as soon as we turn on the heat out will come the jar again. During the winter we also carry a small Tupperware of it in the car, for both of us to use. Thanks for a great product.

RegenaSkin healed my son’s eczema. I’ve since swiped the remainder of the RegenaSkin to try on my dry feet/ I’ve gone all winter without the typical cracked and bleeding toes. I’ve tried many other products so it’s a great relief to find something that gives me relief (I was only thinking of my son when I purchased RegenaSkin, but we both benefitted)! Thanks so much!

Thank you for your note. My hands and fingers are doing much better. I believe the cream is helping a lot. The cream has really helped the rash from West Nile Disease. Thank you for your thoughts and concern.

I bought the cream for my daughter. She is a grown woman and was working for a dentist as a chair side assistant when they began to require them to wear rubber gloves. Soon after she began to have cracks and welts on her skin and tried cotton glove liners. It got so bad that her boss put her at the front desk hoping to clear it up so she could go back to assisting. They are better, but still crack and get so rough that they almost look like burned skin. The cream has helped to soften them a lot. Keep up the good things you are doing.

I have used RegenaSkin on the recommendation of a friend who is going through chemo, even her doctor has been amazed by your product! I myself swim everyday so the chlorine is a little tough on the skin…so I really like it!

Actually I purchased RegenaSkin for my daughter, who was having trouble with really dry skin areas due to harsh winter weather. She just recently married, so we split her jar so I could use it on my dry patches too. It’s a great product, thanks again for supplying this product for women in need.

This is a quick note to say Thank You for the RegenaSkin. Your product is a great help in healing the dry cracked skin that I have from working with natural gas.”