Eczema (or atopic dermatitis) is a group of skin conditions, which can affect all age groups.  The severity of the disease can vary.  In mild forms the skin is dry, hot and itchy, while in more severe forms the skin can become broken, raw and bleeding.

Atopic eczema affects more than 15 million Americans and is the most common form of eczema.  It can affect both children and adults and is closely linked to asthma and hay fever.  One of the most common symptoms of atopic eczema is its itchiness (or pruritis), which can be almost unbearable.  Other symptoms include overall dryness of the skin, redness, inflammation, crusting and scaling.  Constant scratching can also cause the skin to split, leaving it prone to infection.  In infected eczema the skin may crack and weep ("wet" eczema).

Healing the skin and keeping it healthy are important in preventing further damage and enhancing quality of life.  Developing a daily skin care routine is critical to preventing flares.  By using RegenaSkin™ cream regularly our customers have been able to restore their skin's moisture, which has increased their rate of healing and established a barrier against further drying and irritation.  The area where you once had problems may easily get irritated again, continue to use RegenaSkin™ cream even after your skin has healed to replenish the skin's natural protective oils.  Join us as we restore our skin and regain our lives!

What People Are Saying

"I am a dermatologist practicing in a high paced, dry hot climate of Dallas, Texas. Due to many emotional and physical stresses (climate, etc) that my patients and their families face, I see many cases of xerosis (dry skin) as well as eczema, atopic dermatitis and ichthyosis. These skin conditions are, unfortunately, common and can affect people of any age, sex or ethnicity. I typically must put people on prescription strength medications to get them on the road to healing, however, if they are not caring for their skin in the proper manner, they will never completely recover. One of the most important steps in any treatment plan for xerosis, eczema or atopic dermatitis is proper use of soaps and emollients. In my practice, one of the most successful things I have found is RegenaSkin™ cream. I have found it to be super moisturizing and quite protective. My patients have all raved about it and often thank me for suggesting it. Many of them tell me it is superior to any cream they have tried in the past. I also appreciate the personalized service that the RegenaSkin™ founder, Kimberly Bearden, delivers. I believe she genuinely cares for each person that uses her product."

- Allison Singer, MD
Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics

"I have been using the RegenaSkin™ cream with patients in my hand therapy clinic, and I want you to know how helpful the cream has been for a variety of diagnosis. Excessive or fragile scars, scleroderma skin conditions, eczema, and other skin irritations have demonstrated a significant and visible improvement in the quality of their skin. I have had several patients buying the cream for themselves and other family members with skin conditions.

I began working in hand rehabilitation in 1986, and I have been trying various creams and oils for many years. You have developed an outstanding ‘therapeutic’ cream that is helping my patients with skin disorders and scar complications. I am happy to have found such a product, Thank You. "

- Sincerely,
Brenda Cummings, OTR, CHT
Harmony Hand Rehabilitation
Fort Collins, CO

"I have had severe eczema since I was two years old (by severe I mean open sores on every inch of my body). I was miserable. I couldn' t sleep at night because I itched constantly. After a night with no sleep, I would go to school and be unable to concentrate because of the pain, itching and struggling to stay awake.

Then Kim introduced me to the cream she had been using for her skin condition for years (I never even knew she had a skin problem!). The moment I tried it, it actually soothed my skin. I felt better! The RegenaSkin™ cream slowly began to heal and rebuild my skin! I felt even better because it wasn't like the hard creams and steroids that I had always used (those helped heal, but my condition always bounced right back after!). I am so relieved that I found a cream that works. Thanks Kim!"

-Kelly Eckart
(Fort Collins, CO)

“I am 42 years old and have battled eczema for as long as I can remember. For some time my primary weapons were topical steroids supported with a huge variety of over-the-counter products; from coal tars to colloidal oatmeal and everything in-between.
I developed an eczema related condition around the margins of my eyelids. Through the course of treatment it was determined that the ophthalmic and topical steroids were creating a secondary glaucoma and I had to give up the use of steroids.
My skin remained in poor condition until non-steroidal topicals such as Protopic came along. These helped keep my skin in check but I had yet to find an effective, non-irritating support product until I read about RegenaSkin™.
RegenaSkin™ is like no other maintenance product. It is soothing, absorbs quickly and completely, and it works! I now use less Protopic and my skin is much healthier overall!”

-Dave Rorabeck
(Fort Collins, CO)

“RegenaSkin™ healed my son’s eczema.  I’ve since swiped the remainder of the RegenaSkin™ to try on my dry feet/ I’ve gone all winter without the typical cracked and bleeding toes.  I’ve tried many other products so it’s a great relief to find something that gives me relief (I was only thinking of my son when I purchased RegenaSkin™, but we both benefitted)!  Thanks so much!”

“I received my order several days ago.  It feels so good on my skin and is helping the allergic dermatitis on my hands as well as my face.  Thank you!”