Wound Care Doctor
Advanced Wound Care Doctor

Eric B. Olsen, M.D.

"Working with patients who have complex wounds has allowed me the opportunity to try many different wound care products.  RegenaSkin™ has proven to be an extremely valuable cream to help restore moisture and pliability to dry and damaged skin.

We now have a series of patients who have successfully used RegenaSkin™ during their healing process that now continue to use this product to keep their skin hydrated, supple and healthy.  In addition to our patients, many of our clinic staff enjoy the restorative properties that RegenaSkin™ provides to our skin that has been injured from using desiccating soaps as well as vinyl and latex gloves.

Since RegenaSkin™ does not require a prescription, anyone can enjoy the benefits of this terrific product!  Keep up the great work and thank you for RegenaSkin™!"

Eric B. Olsen, M.D.
Advanced WoundCare Specialists, P.C.
Fort Collins, CO & Greeley, CO