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Cream works miracles on even the toughest skin

by Kristy McClain

What began as a home remedy more than 30 years ago is now used to treat patients with all types of skin disorders. Kimberly Bearden, founder and presi­dent of RegenaSkin™, never guessed she would be marketing her skin cream to people who suffer from cancer, dia­betes, eczema and aging skin. Today, the Fort Collins, Colo. resident has helped people with these disorders and many others combat severely-dry skin.


History of the cream


Bearden was born with ichthyosis, a rare, genetic skin condition that affects more than one million Americans. There are varying types of the disorder and some are worse than others. This condition causes the skin to build up and scale due to lack of moisture. Most cases begin at birth and last a life­time. There is no cure, but there are treatments, which include oral medica­tion and skin creams.

When Bearden was pregnant with her first child, 15 years ago, she decid­ed to perfect the home remedy she was using to treat her ichthyosis. She want­ed to improve the recipe to better meet her body's needs. Bearden discussed the cream's ingredients with a chemist to better understand which ingredients would be best for her skin. Through a process of elimination, she found the perfect combination. Bearden has not changed the cream's recipe in 15 years because it has worked so well for her. She uses the cream daily and claims her skin has never been healthier.

"I am free from the burden of ichthyosis and I am living a great life," she says.


Marketing the cream


Initially, she just wanted to make a cream that would help her own skin. "In the back of my mind, I did think that if I ever met some­one with ichthyosis that I would love to share it with them. For 35 years, that just never hap­pened. It turned out that I had too narrow of a vision for my cream," Bearden says.

She discovered there was a large audience interested in her cream after talking with the mother of a teenage girl who had a severe skin disorder, different from ichthyosis. The girl missed two weeks of school because of the condition. She was on steroids and being test­ed bi-weekly for liver damage as a result of the strong doses of medication. She tried RegenaSkin™ and within two days, her sores closed; and three days later she took herself off the steroids.

Two weeks after that, Gene Mundy, a RegenaSkin™ customer, contacted Bearden. Mundy was diagnosed in 1999 with renal cell carcinoma. Last year, he underwent immunotherapy, which caused hand-foot syndrome. This is a side-effect of some forms of chemotherapy and it involves pain, redness, scaling or shedding of skin on the hands and feet. He used RegenaSkin™ twice a day and his body healed. Mundy says his doctors were very encouraged and told him to use any cream he thought would help. They were delighted and surprised when they noticed the improvement in Mundy's condition.

Bearden believes her company has thrived because of customers who have shared their experiences with others. "I have had a handful of enthusiastic cus­tomers who have made my company," Bearden says.


More happy customers


Cyril Heselton, a RegenaSkin™ cus­tomer in Texas, began using RegenaSkin™ after receiving a skin graft for a melanoma on the right side of his forehead.

"You do not even want to look in the mirror after one of those skin grafts," Heselton says. "After I started using RegenaSkin™, my plastic surgeon was astounded."

Heselton says the cream made all the difference in the world and his forehead has completely healed. "I have a big jar of the cream and I use it all the time," Heselton says.

Fort Wayne residents are also using RegenaSkin™. Patrice Hunsberger, mas­sage therapist in Fort Wayne, uses the cream on herself and is experimenting with it on her clients. "I am using it for dryness," Hunsberger says. "It is good to use on your face. I like it because of its spreadability and it is non-greasy. A little bit goes a long way."

Rosalie Waldrop introduced Huns­berger to the cream. Waldrop uses it all over her body twice a day. She began using RegenaSkin™ approximately 60 days ago to help eliminate her mastec­tomy scar. "I am finding the cream especially beneficial on my scar," Waldrop says. "It is soothing and mois­turizing."

Waldrop believes the cream has helped minimize scaring while mois­turizing the incision area. She says it is good to use after bathing, showering or swimming. "It is wonderful," Waldrop says. "It feels wonderful and it goes on easily." She believes the product is attractive to people with sensitive skin because it is unscented.

A local Fort Wayne woman, who has been diagnosed with cancer and wishes to be referred to only as B.B. , says the cream has also worked wonders for her. "I was given a jar of RegenaSkin™ cream by another cancer patient in July 2003 for the radiation burn on the right side of my neck," B.B. says. "I started using the cream three to four times daily to help moisturize my burned skin. The burned area was very raw and after just three weeks of using the cream, the area completely healed. I continue to use RegenaSkin™ cream as a total skin moisturizer."

Bearden says the cream was originally designed for her ichthyosis, but it has worked beautifully on anyone who is suffering from severe dry skin. "If some­one calls me and is interested in using the cream for a new condition, I tell them, 'I would love for you to try it,' I have been pleasantly surprised more than once on how well it has worked on problems that I have no first-hand expe­rience with," Bearden says.


Ingredients and application


Bearden explains that all of the ingre­dients in the cream have been around for a long time. The application of the cream is individualized, depending on the severity of the skin. Bearden says by the time people come to her, they have tried everything and their skin is in hor­rible condition. She believes there is not a recommended dosage for the cream. "I tell my clients to use the cream as often as needed," she says.

Bearden uses it twice a day all over her body because her skin requires a moisturizer. She believes it is important to use the product after bathing to replace moisture.


The Company


RegenaSkin™ will celebrate its 1st anniversary this month. The company is located at Bearden's home in Ft. Collins, Colo. One-pound jars can be purchased by check or credit card for $35. Bearden says that she has not paid herself during this first year, all of the money has gone back into the company.

"I did not set out to make a lot of money," Bearden says. "I love getting the phone calls from people saying the cream worked for them, for right now that is my paycheck."

Bette Cox, Piano, Texas resident, purchased the cream for her mother and received an e..mail from Bearden afterward. "It is nice to know someone has taken a personal interest in you and your story," Cox says.

Cox's mother, Charlsey Chisum, was diagnosed in November 2000 with stage four ovarian cancer. She received chemotherapy and failed the first three rounds. For her fourth series, they began Doxil chemothera­py. One of the side effects of this treatment is dryness and blistering of the skin. Because of the treatment, Chisum developed huge blisters on the inside of her feet and her soles began to crack. The oncologist told Cox and her mother about RegenaSkin™ and now her feet are com­pletely healed.

"Her legs and feet are smoother than they have been in 50 years," Cox says. "I have also used it on myself and it is incredible."

Bearden believes her hopes for the company are beginning to come true. "I am so fortunate to have something that works for me," Bearden says. "There are so many people with skin disorders. My goal is to reach out to as many people as I can. I want to touch as many lives as possible."

Bearden says it has been thrilling to see how well the cream has helped so many people. She believes the best part about her company is being able to celebrate in her cus­tomers' successes.