RegenaSkin Cream

Our Product

RegenaSkin™ was specifically designed to replenish the oil that your dry skin is missing because of cancer treatments, severe skin disorders, diabetes, normal aging, medication use or a myriad of other factors.

Under the lid you will find a rich fragrant-free cream with a smooth texture that is easily applied.  We have added humectants to increase the pliability and flexibility of the skin, preventing it from cracking.

These ingredients also attract water from the dermis and send this moisture into the epidermis. Emollients were included because they remain in the stratum corneum and act as lubricants to your skin smoothing and softening the skin’s surface by filling in the spaces between dry skin cells.  Lastly, RegenaSkin™ is rich in occlusives which will cover your damaged skin with a protective film that will seal this moisture in and help to prevent its evaporation.

It is our goal to be the last product that your skin ever needs.  Join us as we restore our skin and regain our lives!