Kimberly Bearden

It began as a home remedy over three decades ago...

Today, RegenaSkin™ is being used to treat patients for severe dry skin problems across the country.

Kimberly Bearden, founder and president of RegenaSkin™ Inc., set out to do what had yet to be done – make a cream that would treat her chronic dry skin caused by a rare skin disease called ichthyosis. Worried that she would pass this genetic disorder onto her unborn daughter, Kimberly met with a cosmetic chemist to educate herself on the different ingredients available. After much trial and error, she formulated a cream that was rich enough to keep her skin moisturized, yet gentle enough to avoid skin irritation. Years later Kimberly is amazed at the effect RegenaSkin™ has had on a broad range of conditions. “It turns out that we are all more alike than different.”

A myriad of skin conditions, medications and normal aging leave millions of Americans lacking sufficient oil in their skin. RegenaSkin™ has become a favorite with dermatologists, wound care clinics, plastic surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, podiatrists, nursing homes and physical therapists.

Because of Kimberly’s passion and the astounding results RegenaSkin™ has had on many different skin disorders, we feel that it is our calling to share the excitement of RegenaSkin™ with you. Join us as we restore our skin and regain our lives!

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